Dr. Friedman has been my dental surgeon for over three years and counting. She has performed extensive teeth extractions, sinus lifts (bone building), and both upper and lower jaw dental implants. She is the most pleasant, professional, caring, and talented dental surgeon I know. Dr. Friedman always has time to completely answer all my questions with a cheerful attitude; she never talks down to a patient. All of the surgical procedures, including having several teeth extracted and the insertion of several dental implants, have been painless. I would recommend Dr. Friedman with complete confidence to anyone. She is the simply best.

—Lance D.

I saw Dr. Friedman for gum grafts in four different spots. Initially, I was so nervous about having this procedure done, but by the end I didn’t have any nerves. Dr. Friedman was very warm, friendly, and professional. Even though she’s definitely a pro at this procedure, she was very understanding that I might be anxious, and did a great job putting me at ease. She even called me later in the day after the surgery to check up on me, which I really appreciated.  I highly recommend Dr. Friedman

—Allie A.

A few months ago, my dentist told me (to my horror) that I needed to get gum grafting on my lower front teeth. My biggest fear is my teeth falling out, so I put my adult pants on and made an appointment with my dentist’s recommendation, Dr. Lindsay Friedman.

When I arrived at Dr. Friedman’s office, the receptionist smiled, checked me in, and brought me back into an examination room. Dr. Friedman came in, introduced herself, and inspected the area. She was all smiles; her friendly attitude made me instantly feel comfortable and trust her. We chatted about the prep before the grafting, how the procedure worked, and what recovery would be like in terms I easily understood. She answered all of my questions and put my mind at ease; making it seem less like a scary surgery and more like the routine procedure that it is. Still anxious about going through with the gum grafting, I knew I would be in good hands.

Finally, the day came for my grafting. I was beyond nervous and took the two valium Dr. Friedman prescribed me to calm my nerves. I arrived at the office and was walked back into an exam room. Dr. Friedman’s assistant, Ashley, bubbly chatted with me, which helped calm me down. Seeing I was shaking from my nerves; Ashely kindly offered her hand for me to hold. Dr. Friedman was very gentle and patient. She thoroughly numbed the areas and waited until I was ready to proceed. Before the next step, Dr. Friedman made sure I was still doing okay. All of a sudden, I was done. This procedure I had built up in my head, was over, and was so much easier than expected! The cherry on top was when I mentioned that my new boyfriend was picking me up, Dr. Friedman instantly turned gal pal and assured me I looked great and like nothing happened!

That evening, Dr. Friedman called to make sure I was doing well and gave me her cell phone number in case I had any emergency questions. The couple days following the procedure were a breeze; I followed Dr. Friedman’s recommendations: yogurt, icing, and no peeking.

Now, almost two weeks out, I feel great! My grafted piece of gum looks like it was always there and the section it was taken from is smoothing out and the swelling has gone down.

I have already recommended Dr. Friedman to a few people. I have only positive things to say about Dr. Friedman and her staff; the entire experience was fantastic!

—Caitlin O.